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Snowbird Luxury Wedding Films
Snowbird is a true cinematic wedding film production company that specialises in unique, one-of-a-kind wedding films and is the highly personalised arm of snowbird films. Our team is made up of the leading media experts who are experienced in both reality television and feature films. Our films can be produced in a complete number of styles from unobtrusive to partly scripted. We capture everything from the buildup to the wedding day to the reactions from your wedding day.

Crafting Your Vision - Your Perfect Wedding Memories.

More than a generic wedding film.

Wedding film companies tend to have a set style and produce each film to a set template. We know that it is hard finding a videographer willing to bend and craft to your vision.

A film that reflects your story and wedding.

An experienced team and your own personal artistic director who will bring your visions to life, delivering with minimal fuss.
We work with wedding couples who have a strong idea about how they would like their wedding film. Our job is scrupulous attention to detail, using our knowledge and experience as a team to bring these ideas to life.

The options are endless

It is your day and your film. We could craft a mini box series of episodes of your preparations all the way through to the big day. A grand film like no other. Or any idea or style you can imagine.

Easy steps to creating "The Storyboard Book" that we work to.

We work with you and your wedding planner. Easy steps to creating the all magical document "The Script". This is the agreed approach to your day that our artistic director and crew work towards. The magic part is not all the script is finished, we capture the natural elements of your day and tell the story as it happened with the artistic directors input.
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  1. Tell us about your love story, your wedding and the ideas that you have by email or by phone.
  2. We schedule an informal meeting with an artistic director to talk YOU
  3. We agree on an outline of approach, styles, timings and dates. This goes into a document called "The Storyboard Book", which is like a brand book, giving everyone a clear vision and direction for your final film(s)

Our Snowbird Stories

A dose of everything from film styles, trends and technology as inspiration. At Snowbird, it's all about creating that bespoke story of your day.


Adding emotion and narration with the use of spoken words.


Using editing pace, aerial footage and sound to create a cinematic look.


Broadcasted wedding ceremonies and speeches to over 50 countries.


Animation to tell the story of how they met and feel in love.

Let Us Know About Your Wedding Day? Call 020 8668 0018

Or Submit Your Wedding For Consideration

Investments start from £3000 for film only or £4500 for film and photography

Some examples of bespoke requests and firsts

  • Brought wedding cinematography style over from Canada (2008) Canon released 5D Mark ii
  • Special VFX (2008) Professional Colour Grading More Accessible
  • Live stream wedding ceremony (2009) First year of Youtube Live
  • Jump around London - 40 walking towards camera shots all around London (2010)
  • First broadcast drone wedding film (2012) Built a drone to carry a GH4 camera
  • Award winning marryoke films(2012) Canary Wharf New Years Eve
  • Walk around shots ( jump from not ready - to fully dressed) (2012)
  • Multi gimbal wedding (2014) - With the release of DJI Ronin
  • First UK 4K wedding (2014) Canon IDX 4k 10 minutes at a time
  • 360 degree wedding (2015)
  • Celebrity Presenter, Toastmaster and Host (2016)
  • Hyper-lapse setting shots (2016) Combined multi moving shots
  • Stop motion of entire wedding (2017) High megapixel stop motion
  • Animated love story Invites (2018) Full custom animation (avatar creation)
  • Multi Zoom speeches, hosted and remote presented (2020)
  • Live streaming to over 2000 world-wide guests (2020) Covid restrictions, live streaming into China challenges.
Snowbird were fantastic really captured our wedding in the best way possible way, would recommend without hesitation.
Snowbird are outstanding cinematographers. They were attentive, took time which showed tremendously in the final piece. The films were amazing and I would recommend 100%.
Snowbird were amazing!!! First of all Ricky is well experienced and you can tell that even before you actually meet him. He is very informed and he guided us well with our recent wedding and all the restrictions due to the current pandemic. The films came out amazing and my wife and I are extremely pleased. Everyone commended us on how different and unique they are. Ricky was very patient and accommodating. I could really go on, but overall Ricky is highly recommended for any occasion. Thanks again Snowbird!
We came across Snowbird purely by chance online. How lucky were we!! We had excellent communication, Ricky was there directing his crew for the whole event from beginning to end, and organised all the filming and pictures,alongside our many personal requests as well. quality is film-like are absolutely fantastic, exceptionally clear, and have captured many many prescious moments of our wedding we thoroughly recommend this company !!
Sharon and Simon

Asian Wedding Film Experts

We attend some of the largest weddings in the UK. Naturally this meant we quickly got involved in filming Asian weddings and we now have over 15 years experience in filming Hindu, Sikh and Muslim weddings.

As a luxury videographer, we have had the privilege of filming at some of the grandest wedding venues in London, including many beautiful Asian weddings. From elaborate Hindu ceremonies to elegant Chinese banquets, we have seen firsthand the creativity, beauty, and joy of these special occasions.

One of the most striking aspects of Asian weddings is the vibrant colours and intricate details. From the bride's stunning wedding outfit and jewellery, to the elaborate decorations and flowers, every element is carefully planned and executed to perfection. The ceremony itself is often a rich tapestry of tradition and symbolism, with each ritual holding deep meaning for the couple and their families.

Asian wedding receptions are on another level. The spectacular catering services, delicious cuisine is carefully prepared and presented, with dishes ranging from spicy curries to delicate desserts. The atmosphere is lively and festive, with music, dancing, and laughter filling the room.

As a videographer, we are always in awe of the creativity and care that goes into every aspect of an Asian wedding. From the mehndi ceremony, where the bride's hands and feet are decorated with intricate henna designs, to the reception, where the couple performs traditional dances and exchanges heartfelt speeches, every moment is a celebration of love and culture.
Over 20 Years Experience
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A Brand New Collaboration of Broadcast and Live Event Professionals

Snowbird Motion Films - Meet Our Amazing Team

Expensive Wedding Films


Our founder is Ricky who has over 20 years experience in filming not only wedding videos and asian weddings but corporate and television work as well. He is backed up by a team of professional wedding videographers and editors, who are all experts in the art of creating a cinematic wedding film.

Ricky followed his passion in videography in 1996 after being asked to produce a film for BAA. Starting in bulky heavy tape driven cameras, Ricky has seen a massive technology change in the way things are produced, embracing this has help feed his natural creativity.

When making contact with 20 Media, Ricky would normally be the first person you speak to.

Ricky will help storyboard your requirements and then oversee everything and be you point of contact on your wedding day.

Reviews Here
Award Winning

20 20 Media


Head of Production (Owner)

From a young age (as you can see from the picture below !) David has had a video camera on his shoulder. Filming his first wedding at 15, the job has taken him all around the world ( Kenya, Canada, India, Barcelona, Trinidad, Belgium)

Loves creative editing, colour grading and is always purchasing the latest cinematic equipment.

David will be the head creative on your wedding day, directing his staff and operating specialist equipment. If you have a vision, David will know how to bring it to life!

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Reg Video


Experienced Cinematographer

Reg has a highly trained and keen eye for that perfect shot! With many, many years experience, you mention it and Reg has probably experience in shooting it!

Now working creatively with cinematic style cameras, Reg real passion is great cameras, enjoying stage productions and live action filming.

He is always there to capture the important moments, with a full battery and a clear card!

Peter The Man


Peter has a vast knowledge of the video industry. The recent trend in Aerial videography, has fitted into his previous piloting experience.

Highly trained and experienced, peter has been filming for over 15 years and has a inside out knowledge of most cameras.

Crafting Your Vision - Clip Examples

Wedding Filmmaker